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Doujinshi Club
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Welcome to The Doujinshi Club, a livejournal community for aspiring mangaka and doujinshika. Doujinshi reviews, recs, and so forth are welcome, but that is not the primary focus of this community. Rather, this is a community for fanartists and fanfiction writers to share their stories, ideas, artwork, and related creations. I think we can all accomplish a lot by encouraging and helping each other! I love doujinshi, but.. I also have very little knowledge of Japanese. I think it would be great if there were more doujinshi written in English, for those of us who enjoy manga and doujinshi -- and would like to actually understand it. x_x;

It's cool if your an artist, but your not particularly great at writing.. and likewise, if you enjoy writing, but you feel you're not particularly good at drawing. That's a large part of what this community is about. :) Collaborating stories, ideas, and artwork, getting constructive feedback from other members, and of course, sharing the results! ^~

I encourage you to join if this sounds interesting to you. I know this has potential to be a really wonderful and fun community.. it's just a matter of what people are willing to put into it. :) Feel free to contact me at michiru [at] michirukaiou.com with any questions or comments you may have. I will reply to you as soon as possible.

- Michiru (michirukaiou)


01. lj-cut any NC-17 or otherwise very suggestive/explicit content with a warning.

02. Do not insult the artwork, fiction, or ideas of other members. Constructive criticism is fine, even encouraged, but always be kind and thoughtful with your words.

03. We accept works of all genres and ratings.

04. If you are sharing a piece of artwork or fiction with us, please post using the following format:

Link (or lj-cut):
Would you like constructive comments? yes/no
Is this a WIP (Work In Progress)? yes/no


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Hardcore Critique Advice: advice and guidelines for writers
HP Slash Fanfiction Glossary: most terms apply to general fandom, not just Harry Potter
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Polykarbon Tutorials: you guessed it - more tutorials. ^^;
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